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Whether it's to offer patients more and better treatments, further your career or simply refresh or extend your knowledge, CPD is vital to every healthcare professional. For specialists in manual therapy BPP School of Health offers a range of CPD courses from advanced soft tissue techniques to joint master classes to specialist 'ask the expert' days.

Delivered by experts in their respective fields BPP School of Health's CPD courses will provide you with new skills and an advanced understanding of the latest manual therapy techniques supported by hands-on, practical experience on the day.

BPP Health - Chiropractic

Are They For You?

If you're a qualified chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath or manual therapist, yes they are. These courses are delivered by practitioner experts in their respective fields and designed to enhance your existing expertise, broaden your knowledge and add new skills to complement your existing treatments and offer an improved service for patients.

In addition to fulfilling your annual CPD requirement, they will keep you up to date on the latest techniques and best practice, and ultimately help further your career.

Why we're the right choice.

The BPP group of companies has an international reputation based on over 35 years' experience as a specialist provider of professional training, and BPP School of Health is committed to providing healthcare training to the highest standards.

All courses listed below are available from our centre in Abingdon near Oxford.

BPP Health Courses - Muscle Energy Techniques to Correct Postural Dysfunctions

Muscle Energy Techniques to Correct Postural Dysfunctions
[Delivered by John Gibbons]

This course will give you the knowledge and practical experience necessary to identify, assess and treat specific soft tissue dysfunction and weakness within the musculo-skeletal framework, and to perform powerful muscle energy techniques (MET) to help restore function. As an advanced course, you'll need a high standard of theoretical and practical knowledge.

BPP Health Courses - Hip Joint Master Class

Hip Joint Master Class
[Delivered by John Gibbons]

Improve and develop your knowledge and success with hip treatment on this advanced course, which focuses entirely on this specific joint. It will enhance your experience in treating dysfunction within the hip, groin, pelvis and sacro-iliac joint, so you'll need a good knowledge of the joints, ligaments, muscle origins and insertions.

BPP Health Courses - Knee Joint Master Class

Knee Joint Master Class
[Delivered by John Gibbons]

Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists will find this course invaluable in helping them gain better knowledge and experience of treating knee problems. Covering all aspects of the joint's anatomy, assessment and treatment, the course is at an advanced level – so you should have already gained a high standard of both theoretical and practical knowledge prior to booking this course.

BPP Health Courses - Kinesiology Taping for the Athlete Master Class

Kinesiology Taping for the Athlete Master Class
[Delivered by John Gibbons]

In Sports Medicine, kinesiology taping is the current buzzword. The tape stabilises specific areas, off-loading pain through 'decompression', improving performance and controlling swelling for simple, effective relief from muscular strains and ligament/joint sprains. Anyone involved in assessing, treating and rehabilitating sports-related injuries (or back and neck pain) will find this course essential.

BPP Health Courses - Postural Assessment and Realignment

Postural Assessment and Realignment
as an Adjunct to Manual Therapy

This course looks at the importance correct posture has on the maintaining of benefits derived from manual therapies. It will explore how a simple postural assessment can enhance your existing skill-set and how to integrate it into your practice. Self-help techniques for restoring good posture will also be discussed so that your clients can maintain their improvement.

BPP Health Courses - Certificate in Sports Massage Level 3

Certificate in Sports Massage Level 3

This certified course is run in 40 hours of intensive in-class teaching, 56 hours of home study and will result in an ITEC/VTCT qualification of a Certificate in Sports Massage. The combined course includes classical massage techniques and its effects and sports massage for non-pathological tissue. You'll learn how to set up a workspace, take a consultation demonstrating knowledge and application of all techniques and how to provide aftercare service.

BPP ITEC Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

This certified course is run over six days of classroom teaching together with 56 hours of home study and will result in ITEC qualification of a Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. You will learn about the body systems and pathology over this three month course. Successful completion can lead onto the ITEC Diploma in Massage.

BPP ITEC Diploma in Massage

Diploma in Massage

This certified course is run over 48 hours of intensive in-class teaching, 56 hours of home study and will result in the nationally and internationally recognised ITEC Diploma in Massage. The course includes consultation and client care, classical massage techniques and business practice for complementary therapies.

Auriculotherapy Master Class

Auriculotherapy Master Class

This course will be presented in both lecture and practical hands on format that will give you the skills to implement Auriculotherapy into your practice the very next day. This course is not acupuncture and no needles are involved. This is a neurologically based system using the 4 cranial nerves of the ear, which allows you to locate the level of subluxation and listing as well as diagnosis and treatment of over 300 conditions.

Torque Release Master Class

Torque Release Master Class

The Integrator™ is the only chiropractic adjusting instrument that was developed out of randomized clinical trial, blinded and with placebo control. The study was designed by Robert Duncan, Ph. D., biostatistician, at the University of Miami School of Medicine, together with the Holder Research Institute and founded in part by a grant from the Florida Chiropractic Society.


Course Dates

Masterclass Title Facilitator
Duration Date Location Price
Muscle Energy Techniques John Gibbons 1-day Wednesday
Abingdon, Oxfordshire £125

Facilitator Biographies


John Gibbons is qualified and registered with the General Osteopathic Council. He specialises in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of sport-related injuries. Having lectured in the field of sports medicine and physical therapy for over twelve years, he delivers advanced training to qualified professionals. John has written many articles on various aspects of physical therapy, which have been published through the Federation of Holistic Therapies and Sports Injury Bulletin.


Allyn Edwards worked for the National Health Service for fifteen years as an immunologist where he gained his fellowship in immunology. He followed his obsession with the body's ability to heal itself by training as a Chiropractor, and graduated in 1990. He eventually became a senior practical tutor responsible for training chiropractic students in the technique for six years. After discovering Spinal Touch and training with Dr. LaMar Rosquist, he realised that this was the most simple, elegant and powerful way to enhance the body's own innate healing abilities he had yet encountered. Since then he has been promoting and teaching Ishta Spinal Touch in the UK and Europe.


Sue Weller graduated as a Chiropractor in 1989. Prior to that she taught Biology and Chemistry to GCSE level for three years. On completion of her chiropractic training she began teaching Chiropractic as a Practical Tutor. She progressed to become Principal Practical Tutor with responsibilities for the overall practical training, and for two years was actively involved in the accreditation of the Chiropractic course. In 1998 she went to Utah, USA with Allyn Edwards to train in Spinal Touch with Dr. LaMar Rosquist. Dr Rosquist asked Sue and Allyn to become the European Tutors in the technique, and since 1998 Sue has co-presented the training with Allyn and has developed a tutor training programme.


Dr Holder is the first American to receive the Albert Schweitzer Prize in Medicine from the Albert Schweitzer-Gesellschaft, Austria. He was also named the 1992 Chiropractor of the Year by The Florida Chiropractic Association and named the Florida Chiropractic Society Researcher of the Year in 1995. Dr Holder is Adjunct Professor at St Martin’s College Milwaukee and also on the Postgraduate Faculty at Parker College. He also holds faculty appointments at the University of Miami Centre for Addiction Studies and Education and numerous appointments as postgraduate faculty in Chiropractic Colleges including National College, Life College and Life West. He is the Executive Board Member and Treasurer of the Council on Chiropractic.

Dr Holder is the Founder of the Torque Release Technique, discoverer and developer of the Foundation Point System and Addiction Axis Line in Auriculotherapy. He is also the Founder of the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders which trains and board certifies professionals in the field of addiction worldwide. He is the Director/Founder of Exodus Treatment Centre, a 350 bed addiction facility in Miami, Florida and the Director/Founder of Exodus Israel Addiction Hospital and research Centre in Jerusalem, Isreal.

At the age of 14 Dr Holder began his experience in research in neurotoxins at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Dr Holder is presently investigating the efficacy of the chiropractic subluxation in addiction treatment and is expanding the ‘Brain Reward Cascade’ a model supporting the vertebral subluxation complex. The 1993 United States Senate compared Dr Holder’s success in research to Michael Jordan’s success in basketball. Author of two books, edited in several others, author of many scientific papers and research studies and inventor of medical, acupuncture and chiropractic devices, Dr Holder lectures worldwide and is currently in his 37th year of practice.

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